Creative life with foster Puppies.

This year, my journey is full of surprises – one of them being my German Shepherd foster puppy, Layla. Many of you are watching my journey unfold with her on Instagram, but for those who are not, I’d love for you to meet her:


One sunny afternoon, about a year ago, the owner of a local business approached me with a question: do you know of any German Shepherd breeders? I rolled my eyes and responded to him that there are a million dogs in shelters who are in need of good homes. And guess what? A few months ago, he had the audacity to ask me this: Do you know anyone who wants a 5-month-old German Shepherd for free? If not, we will give her away to the shelter.


I immediately called my fairy dog-God mother, Ivona, the owner of Kosma Rescue, and told her about Layla. Ivona shared the risks of fostering a puppy directly from the owner – you know nothing about her behavior or health history, plus she was not spayed. 


But I could not stop thinking about her. 


Listen, I’ve always been a bit spiritual. And I truly believe her spirit was destined to come into my life before she was even born. Our lives were meant to intersect. So, I accepted the challenge and picked her up.


When I got Layla at 5-months-old, she had never been on a leash. Never been trained. Never been socialized. And never been on the busy, noisy streets of downtown LA. You have no idea how horrified this pup was from bicycles, skateboards, loud buses and all the unexpected noises in the concrete jungle of DTLA. The first night was a shit show! 


Next morning, I took her for a walk and as per my regular routine we stopped by at a local Starbucks. The store manager had a total crush on Layla and offered to foster her while we looked for her new home. At the foster, she experienced a new home, new smells, new noises, new puppies, and new people. But after 4 weeks, her foster could not handle her any longer and he apologetically asked for her to be picked up. 


I had no choice but to take her in. And Ivona was right – she would require a lot of work! I became her 3rd household in her short beginning to life (actually 4, because she came from the breeder). She settled in and got along nicely with everyone in my personal dog pack. Then, the challenge of getting her adjusted to my environment of living in downtown LA began. With the help of many of you, I was able to sign Layla up to go on group walks with local dog walking / training services


Then, two weeks later, someone showed a lot of interest in Layla. We made it clear how much work she would need, but the interest remained. We interviewed him twice, he visited Layla twice – on paper as a dog owner, he seemed like her perfect match! We processed Layla’s proper adoption paperwork – signatures, identity confirmation, residence manager approvals - and I handed her off to a stranger. I watched her getting in a car with him. While he was changing her collar and putting on a new leash, she just stared at me and did not break eye contact, not even for a second. All I felt is her telling me – I’ll be back soon as she threw me a west side gang sign with her paw (lol!).
Only three nights later….. he reached out explaining “how triggered she was” to everything, including kids and trash cans. She was too much for him to handle. I know… I know my friends..I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time.

But I rolled up my sleeves and committed to be the last foster she would ever have.

Three months have zoomed past from the day I picked her up for the first time. For now, I just know she is already in the right home with me. She gets along with my boy Junior, she loves her bestie Delilah (who got adopted and getting picked up on 16th) and she loves my notorious duo Coco and Romeo. With the love and help of Ivona (Kosma Rescue), Layla was spayed and is searching for her home on Pet Finder. With your donations, Layla attends her group walks for socializing and obedience training. And with the love from “Operation Blankets of Love'', we always have dog food, toys and needed accessories.   

Next excerpt  is her evaluation and adoption description, written by my dear neighbor, dog mom and newborn mom Sara:  


Layla is a beautiful, healthy and energetic 8-month-old, purebred female German Shepherd puppy. She is young, a very quick learner and would be the perfect partner for an experienced, dedicated handler looking for a loving best friend for life.


Sadly, Layla has had a rough start in life. She was purchased as a pet and given away due to lack of time and knowledge of the breed. When she came to us, she had never been on a leash, was scared of loud noises and was reactive to fast passing objects, birds and other dogs.


Today, Layla is currently being fostered by an active volunteer with a pack of 2 small and 2 medium dogs, where she is thriving with the daily training and structure she needs. She has learned to walk on a leash, to obey commands, listen when distracted and is truly transforming into a social butterfly. She is an early bird, very respectful to other dogs in her pack and playful when allowed to express her puppiness and loving nature.


After an evaluation by a professional trainer, it has been determined that Layla would do best with a dedicated and advanced handler. She is not the ideal pet for a family with kids, but rather must be in a disciplined environment with proper structure, adequate attention and A LOT of physical activity/mental stimulation. 


Please do not message us about Layla if you  are looking for a back-yard security dog or have no knowledge of German shepherd breed. Advanced handlers and owners only! 


To see more photos and videos of Layla, check out her Instagram:


To request her adoption paperwork, please email me at galina@creativegalina.com to schedule a phone interview.

You can also find her adoption listing on PetFinder

You can help Layla with training expenses by making payment directly to FitPals invoice, $25 minimum. Or donate directly to my PayPal with note Layla expenses. 


Thank you for reading this long ass essay. Thank you for your love and support. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a difference on this planet. 


Always remember:  ADOPTION IS ONLY OPTION! 


Creative Galina

Journey of creative broken heart.

About a month ago I had someone call me over the phone, asking if I still have marijuana print face masks for sale. He had one I made, but lost it, and he loved that mask so much. It was given to him by his friend, Kaylah former groomer, to whom I gifted a few masks last year. 

This request for masks happened a week before Black Friday and I did not have them in stock pre made. Ok, I’ll make you a new mask, but only if you order 4 or more. I have to drop jewelry production and clear the tables and reset my art studio into sewing mode. He ordered 4 and one more with flowers for his girlfriend. Meanwhile I was fighting thoughts that I must be behind a jewelry bench, I completed his order and then I had more people reaching out for more masks. And I got stuck behind sewing machines instead of a jewelry bench. 

I’m not going to lie, sitting behind sewing machines  making masks was boring as hell and I decided to entertain my creative spirit with a few other sewing projects in between masks assembly. I made a few bandanas for Junior (my rescue pit bull puppy), then why not add them to the store? He gets so many compliments, might as well sell them. Even though my audience comes to see my content related to the jewelry, few have dogs and Junior sold his first banana last week. 

I work a lot, even now on Sunday, with most of my laundry done, I’m typing in my bed, surrounded by my dogs and plants on this blog post. 

I don’t spend money on clothing unless I really need it, I only get a new accessory if I truly need one. I don’t dream of a new pair of shoes unless the one I have is giving up on me from daily power walking around Downtown.

Every dollar is going to the Creative house of Galina. 

And since I’m still behind the sewing machine, I might need to cheer myself up with a new bag that I can not spend money on, but have everything to make one. The type of bag that can fit lots of shit of a grown woman, not like a computer, but you know - wallet, notebook, cosmetic bag with lots of shit no one needs, hand sanitizer, dog treats #dogmomforlife

Well, I made a bag for myself, and then you know what? I got so many compliments I added to the store . I made a new sample, took the pictures, edited them, created a new item in an online store, wrote a new email for my email list audience and made it available for someone like me who knows the meaning of “fancy/casual” like this weed or money bag

And the money bag got inspired by the current grind for affirmation and reminder of what I’m doing in life - making my dreams reality. 

More time I spend behind the sewing machine, the more I start thinking about my childhood. My family was a little bit fucked up, but very talented. Mother was an amazing self taught seamstress, who learned how to sew from her older sister, who went to school and also a seamstress. My cousin, my aunt's daughter, also went to school and became a seamstress. On a daily basis I was raised in conversations about textiles, fashion,  and how to finish pocket or install zippers, conversations about different sewing machines and new treads or needles. 

I made my first skirt at the age of 5. Women in my family were very talented, but not self officiant from sewing knowledge. My aunt or cousin had other full time jobs, sometimes they would take custom orders locally but never would turn into a full Time family business. Fucking Russia, work 8-5, be like everyone else and only richest can have a business. 

Growing up in poverty, my dream after high school was to break that cycle and become a designer. I have been dressing myself since the age of 5. My plan after school was to attend a sewing academy. I wanted to learn pattern making techniques and my life would be complete. 

To enroll into the sewing academy I had to pass a basic test, part of it was silly things like sewing the button ( as my portfolio I had 10 clothing items with me I made by the age of 15), just answer a few questions including rainbow colors and pass a test on Ukrainian. 

History time … In early 1990 Ukraine left the USSR and took Russian speaking peninsula Crimea under their regulation, overnight all the Russian tv channels were canceled. News, store signs, even the Russian Fleet have to move boats to the side for Ukrainian bullshit. 

And here I’m - Russian kid, staring at the test on Ukrainian, obviously I will not pass the fucking test, I spoke Russian all of my life, when to Russian speaking school with French as a second language. 

I failed Ukrainian test, later I got to find out my application was denied for 3 reasons - I did not sew in the button properly (WTF) 

I did not answer rainbow colors properly ( fucking lie, what kid does not know rainbow colors? how Tha fuck is that even possible ) and last reason I was told I must take Ukrainian language classes and try to re-apply next year. 

My life ended on that day, well that is what teenager Galina was thinking at the time. I was robbed of my dream of becoming a designer. At that time my parents was separated, no one give a fuck in my family that I was not accepted to sewing academy and my dream was crushed. I had no idea what I could do next. Father left my mother when I was 12, my mother was not capable of helping me to figure out next steps. We barely had any food on the table and my soviet union mother could not even pay attention to what was happening in the lives of her kids. Recently she told me she doesn't even remember why I was not accepted to school and that I was heartbroken because of it.

That time I was so mad, how??? How ??? out of all people I was not accepted to the school to fulfill my dream. 

After that, I never wanted to sit behind a sewing machine, my hands got paralyzed, my dream was stolen. That school was my only way to get into the sewing world. My mother barely could feed my brother and I,  and broke ass family had nothing to bribe the teachers to accept me to school (which was so common that days, they know I was way ahead of all students and hopped my family comes back begging with money). 

I had no idea what I should do or whom to ask for help. 

I wanted to intern at the local small sewing factory, but they needed someone right after the sewing academy who knows how to use industrial machines.

I ran away from home ….at the age of almost 17 and never looked back… that story I will save for the next chapter of Creative Galina book - Journey of my inner child dream. 

And here I’m, in my art studio with 3 sewing machines - What is stopping me now to heal my child's broken heart and restore what was stolen from me? Can I heal my childhood trauma and become clothing designer now at the age of 43, should I focus on continuing building my jewelry collection? Why am I so talented but yet not complete????? 

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” 

Where do I start and what should I do? All I’m missing is pattern making knowledge, the rest of apparel assembly I know with my eyes closed. 

I found a local sewing school and just today registered for Pattern making class. 

While I’ll be waiting for 2022 pattern making class, I will be playing with sewing machine and adding simple items like accessories, bags, dogs bandanas, cute zipper clutch bags, detachable faux fur collars for cold season and many other accessories that will bring joy in daily use and will stand out with unique fun textile in small production up on order.  

I feel like this is my time to stand up and take back what was stolen from my childhood dream!

And I’m beyond excited to share with you new journey of my creative heart and share new collection 

Creative Galina Accessories

Animal print Faux Fur Collar and fingerless hands warmer.


Handmade by me in the Creative house of Galina. 

Foster Fail

Last year, during the 2020 mad pandemic lockdowns, I helped my friend Ivona from Kosma Rescue for a day. 

She rescued 13 pit-bulls from the kill shelter at the beginning of this year, 3 of which were adults and 10 puppies. 

On the day of 10 puppies adoption, Ivona interviewed each new owner every hour and helped them to complete adoption paperwork. All Ivona asked me to do is keep an eye on the 10 puppies while she was meeting approved owner.

How could I say no to a playdate with 10, 3 month old pit-bull puppies? <3 

9 out of 10 puppies were sent home to their new owners, except for one little dude. His potential new owner cancelled on him last minute. 

I offered to foster him, while Ivona is looking for a new home for him. Having a 3-month old puppy is a lot of work, but I thought, ‘We’re on lockdown at home anyway,  so why not add a fourth dog to my existing pack?’

To cut the story short, I called that dude, “Junior” and decided to keep him. I know, I majorly failed at fostering. LOL

He came into my life at the perfect time. He helped me to keep my sanity during this pandemic. He kept me occupied and distracted during the Downtown LA riots. He especially got me through with the loss of Kaylah. 

Now every day, he comes to work with me to keep my introverted creative ass company. He spreads joy with his cute face and his lovable personality. 

Who rescued who?

Junior is a full-time employee at Creative Galina & Co. His duties include barking at strangers near our door and giving mommy kisses and attention throughout the day. 

But his most important duty is coming for a walk to the post office to drop off your orders.


This collection was created with the intention to add a little swag to his daily activities. Easy to snap and go, this little accessory gives Junior serious paw-someness!

Junior gets recognized on the streets of Downtown LA when he is on a walk with his dog walker. People and pups alike stop and compliment not just his stunning eyes, but his fancy bandanas. 

They say, Junior is quite pawsh! 

Whenever he wears a bandana that matches my mask, it never fails to start conversations with strangers at a red light or at the store. It gives me the opportunity to share his foster failure story and remind others to adopt, not shop.

But you can shop for Junior’s bandana collection, and help your pup live the pup life like him! 

Junior and I will donate a $$$ percentage from each bandana to Kosma Rescue, so that Ivona can continue to save many more lives, like Junior's.

And if you want to make a just donation for Kosma Rescue, click here

Oh and by the way, Junior paw-ssionately asked me to tell you, “I ruff you very much for supporting Kosma Rescue! You’ll change many pups’ lives! Woof!”


Top gift ideas for your bestie.

First of all thank you so much for your love and support of my small business. Each order is handmade just for your one of a kind journey. 
And when I say for your one of a kind journey,  I mean for your life path with whom my handmade jewelry piece will travel for a life time ( and if anything need to be repaired, I'm here at your service ;)

This Holiday season is really hard to choose a gift for your bestie. I feel like pandemics totally effected many, you feel lost and bracing the life changes during this strange times in history. I truly believe be wise of selecting the gifts for your friends. Gift something for them to cherish, and get a gift that will last a life time with intention to inspire or be reminder of your friendship values. 

Sometimes you want to get a ring for your bestie, but you don't know your friend ring size? Just get size 7, I'm not saying this size fits all. But I can include ring sizer for 10$ to your order and she can send it back to be sized. You can always give her my contact email galina@creativegalina.com 

Check out all Rings in my store HERE

My top favorite ring is lovely statement for life obstacles and top conversation to item to brake ice 

But I'll be honest bracelet is awesome idea also, 95% size 7" in bracelet will fit many.  Check out all the bracelets items HERE
My top favorite bracelet is Messenger Bracelet. I can engrave custom phrase on it to empower your friend daily with it.
Is your bestie also loves dogs and have more than one? Dog Love Collection is my truly favorite collection. Does not matter what age group your friend in, this collection with bone always means a lot to the dog owners. 
And if your bestie loves collectable Jewelry, you might love few one of a kind items left, Jewelry pieces like this only one made Silver flower Necklace with 14k gold center drops.
And how can I not remind you of Dumbbell Jewelry Collection. We all have that friend who got gym membership and always talking about getting there after Holidays lol This Dumbbell Collection have been motivation for many. 
Is your bestie also mild stoner and open about it? I left few Mary Jane masks available in the sore, cutest Mini Card clips can also used as a roach clip oh and super cute Mary Jane leaf necklace is amazing gift she will cherish for ever (I can also hand engrave initials on it). 
And if your friend silver jewelry junkie, it's always nice to add jewelry cloth and liquid one minute silver cleaner.
And if you truly have no idea what to get to your bestie and you know she will love something in my store, you will never go wrong with Gift Card.
And please comment what is your favorite item in my store that you have already? 



Hi my beautiful ladies. As a jewelry addict myself, I have a lot of little items that will never be part of my permanent collection or seen by many of you unless you visit my art studio shopping in person. So, I decided to create PayPal links for this items and have them available for a limited time only.


.925 Sterling Silver. Perfect gift for friends and family.

Shipping 10$ with USPS priority small box.

This post will be available only for few days.

For detailed description and order this items, just click on the picture.
You will be redirected to PayPal link to complete the order. 

Citrine Dainty necklace.


Tiny Moon Necklace.

 Stitched heart necklace.

Vintage finding, Small Cross.

Tiny heart with wings on leather choker.


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