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Stacey Naito, journey to inspire.

As we face the new season of spring and my creative life with Dumbbell Jewelry takes a new direction, I promise to introduce you to more amazing and one-of-a-kind people. People whose journeys will inspire you and remind you to keep moving in life and not to give up on your dreams and goals. 

Last year, at my first Olympia Fitness Expo in Las Vegas, I finally got a chance to chat a little with Stacey Naito at my booth with Dumbbell Couture Collection. Of Japanese and Hungarian heritage, this exotic beauty had always caught by my creative eye. We stayed in touch and Stacey later visited my Dumbbell Jewelry studio in Downtown LA. We sat down for a little girly chat and got to know each other and shared our journeys. It was really mind blowing how we were able to relate on so many levels. 

In her early 20s, she struggled with anorexia and out of all people, especially with a medical background and IFBB PRO status, I would never have assumed she could have faced this kind of battle in her past. We will never know what people have overcome until we open our hearts to the world. After her close friend confronted her about her unhealthy appearance, with a strong will to change her life for the better, she put a stop to her old ways and discovered the world of fitness.  Through sleepless nights and long hours of schooling, she still managed to work out and live a full life with a healthy lifestyle. Her brief but powerful resume shows that she’s got brains, beauty, and a IFBB PRO title. And what’s even more inspiring is that she is celebrating her 50th birthday this summer—and not even being secretive about it. She said to me, "My age is an inspiration for other women in their 40s; I would never hide it.” 

Stacey Naito inspiration of the month
Stacey Naito resume :

Dr. Stacey Naito is a board-certified physician and published medical researcher who harbors a strong passion for fitness.  She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Occidental College and began working as a fitness trainer immediately upon obtaining her degree.  Weight training became an integral part of Dr. Naito’s daily routine, even during her post-doctoral residency training which at times had her working up to 120 hours per week.  As a result of her determination to continue training while tackling an extremely rigorous schedule, she sent a strong message to patients and colleagues that it was indeed possible to make exercise a priority, even in in the face of a demanding workload.

Dr. Naito’s interest in fitness grew into an all-consuming and life-shifting focus when she began competing in the Bikini Division of the National Physique Committee (NPC) in 2009.  She quickly moved up the ranks and eventually attained IFBB Professional Status in July 2013 at the NPC Team Universe in Teaneck, NJ.  She has competed in four IFBB Pro events since winning her Pro Card.  

When not working as a physician, Dr. Naito also models, writes for numerous fitness, wellness and bodybuilding entities as well as her own blog and coaches people who are on the contest circuit.   Her involvement in fitness, coupled with her medical expertise, has provided her with a powerful platform through which she can inspire patients and clients to reach their ultimate fitness and wellness goals.

 Inspired? I hope so, to follow Stacey journey visit her website


Stacey is representing her journey with "Baby Doll" Dumbbell Couture Necklace. 




Many of you who staying in touch with Dumbbell Jewelry news via Facebook or Instagram might remember I did give away at Los Angeles fit expo of one of a kind Dumbbell Necklace. After two days at the expo I had over thousands names to pick from. Following late night Monday, after long 3 moth in preparation for the expo I stayed late to pull the name as I promised on social media. I shaked glass jarr in all direction to make it fair, while reaching out for the name I was asking Heavenly Father please choose some one who honestly and purely deserve to represent my craftsmanship. I pulled the paper, ripped open to see contact information and could not believe my eyes, her name was Angel.

I called Angel next day for shipping address and out of curiosity asked her if she working out daily and if fit lifestyle in her daily life. There was many visitors who just staring new fit life or keeping a company to fit friend. I was mind blown when she shared her story with me I had to introduce her to all of you.

Please meet Angel Shounia.


Her fitness journey was not easy, but she stood up for her self and achieved what many afraid of - making a change for your own good.

In her own words: Well, when I was younger I used to be over weight and always struggled with my weight. One day I was sick of hearing people putting me down about my looks so I decided to change the way I looked and I started eating healthy and working out. Completely all on my own I lost 35 pounds and haven't looked back since. I felt so amazing losing the weight that I knew I had a passion for fitness and health and knew I needed to help inspire other people to do the same thing I did and live a healthier life. I now am a NESTA certified personal trainer and work at 24 hour Fitness Super Sport on Irvine center drive in California.
Thank you again and God bless you,
Angel Shounia 

I hope many you get reminded why you stated your own fit journey, I hope many of you make first steps towards healthy life and I hope one day I get to share your story on this Blog #GALINATIZED 



Creative Galina.
Fit and Healthy Lifestyle in Style. 

Larissa Reis - girlie girl.



Larissa Reis IFBB PRO - girlie girl.


I can not explain in words how blessed I feel to know so many amazing and inspirational athletes. I would love to introduce you to one of my favorite athlete who inspired my journey in a world of bodybuilding. Please meet Larissa Reis IFBB PRO figure competitor, fitness model and a business woman. Many of you probably would like to know what does she eat, how does she train and this but this simple interview not about that. It's about getting to know a inspirational woman who is no different from you and I and I wanted you to see her with my eyes. Simply beautiful from in and out, woman of a discipline and passion for healthy lifestyle in style. 


C.G.: How do you start the day when you at home in Vegas?

L.R.: It really depends on how my schedule for the day looks like.
If I could choose, I would always start the day with my cardio session, powered by Nutrex Lipo-6 triple stack (Unlimited, CLA, Carnitine).
For me it works great, I can literally feel it giving my metabolism a great boost.
Also, as many of you know I am a Buddhist practitioner and a very spiritual person for a long time, so I like to take time to meditate in order to enrich and feed the mind and spirit constantly... so that can be another start of the day.
Lastly, I would just take my breakfast at home or at Protein House and then start my day.

C.G.: I absolutely adore the way you simplify your life and only have needed items to function, but what item you can't live without in your cosmetic bag?

L.R.: If I had to pick only one while keeping it simple and basic I would say a moisturizing cream. It have so many applications and benefits, it’s a must-have and a staple.
Then, eyeliner, eye shadow, lip balm / lip gloss (not in a particular order).

C.G.: Hair, nails, facials - what is the girlie thing you must do?

L.R.: For the hair, I simply love to try different hairstyles even if it’s just for any of my photo shoots or competitions.
 Nails, let’s see… new colors regularly, even combining several. As well as adding some paint art to it. For example when I travel to another country I usually paint their flag in one nail, along with the right colors for the rest of the nails.
Finally, facial treatment… scrub cream, moisturizing cream and sometimes face masks with the properties of those two together.

C.G: Who is your favorite fashion designer?

L.R.: I love Chanel but Christian Louboutin shoes… makes it easier to turn him into my favorite!

C.G: Between work and training, traveling and personal life, how do you rest?

L.R.: The good thing about doing what we love is that we are constantly enjoying life itself and all the moments. Don’t get me wrong, this lifestyle is very difficult but I love it. It’s something that ignites my inner fire like nothing else.
I always take one day off the week so I can focus on my rest, both mentally and physically. Some vacations here and there when possible and that’s all I need, rest is set to minimum. I’m busy living my life to the fullest. Mindset is everything.

C.G.: From traveling all over the world, what is your favorite place that you must always go back?

L.R.: It’s impossible to narrow it to just one favorite place.
I am always excited to go back to the countries where people have received me before. I am fortunate to say that I am always treated and welcomed with great kindness and love. That’s priceless… I have no favorites, I am from the world, I am worldwide!

C.G.: We also know you are a dog owner, what’s your favorite activities with Bella?

L.R.: She’s my baby and my companion, if I could I would bring her everywhere with me… but unfortunately that’s not possible.
Nonetheless, we have lots of great and fun moments together.
Running, playing, relaxing… everything! And don’t forget about my bulldog, George! They are my loves.

C.G.: You are a busy woman and always on a go, what is your favorite snack?

L.R.: Muscle Infusion Shake; Protein House dishes on-the-go and some Protein House Double Chocolate Protein Brownies are some of my top choices.
All of that with my 6 Pack Bags and Cyclone Cup! Eating good and with style.

C.G.: From last time visiting you I Absolutely love your menu in Protein House, what is your favorite dish?

L.R.: It’s my own restaurant so needless to say I love everything about the menu… although I must confess I’m pretty crazy about the signature bowls and signature salads. lol
Side by side with a signature juice / smoothie and it’s the paradise!
I mean... the possibilities to create / combine your own dish are endless.
That’s the magic!

C.G.: And what advice would you give to any woman who is on a journey to new healthy life?

L.R.: First of all, memorize that patience, consistency, determination and love are the key to success. As much as we all would like, results will not come overnight.
Second, don’t let any negative aspects bring you down. They will exist, but you just have to turn each and every one of them into positive thinking.

All of that while surrounding yourself with positive people, that people that can inspire you to keep going.
Very important, set several but small goals so you can get self-rewards / achievements from time to time to keep the motivation in there.
Lastly, smile and have fun! Enjoy your life and enjoy the process of the journey.


Thanks everyone for the outstanding and daily support, it truly means the world to me!
Family, friends, fans and sponsors (Nutrex Research, Suits by Amy, Pro Tan, Cyclone Cup, Labellamafia, Skullcandy and 6 Pack Fitness).


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Rose Brunner IFBB PRO


Rose Brunner IFBB PRO

I am wife, mother of 2 teenagers and IFBB Women’s Physique Pro, and fitness model.   I have always had a love and passion for fitness, a healthy lifestyle and lifting. As a child, I grew up with a mother who emphasized the importance of good clean eating habits and exercise,  as she was an aerobics instructor.  

My brother introduced me to weight lifting and I was instantly hooked. I have always been a fan of bodybuilding ever since I can remember, my brother is the one who ignited my love. He had posters plastered all over our basement walls. I competed for the first time in 1989. 

After a few years competing, I got married and life took over with 2 kids. I maintained my eating habits and worked out regularly.  

I returned to the stage in 2011 in figure. While it was a great come back, figure wasn’t quite me. In 2012 I moved to physique. I was home again. My love of bodybuilding, of the atheistic physique, the hard work, discipline, sacrifice and dedication that is required is what drives me to improve myself. 

My goal is to inspire, encourage, and guide others not necessarily to compete but to live a healthy full life.  It doesn’t matter your age, race, male or female...I want to touch and empower as many as I can. I am so excited to make  my Pro debut next year and be among so many athletes who I admire. 

I have always been a fan of bodybuilding ever since I can remember, my brother is the one who ignited my love. He had posters plastered all over our basement walls. 

The sport for me embodies not only the outer physical appearance of strength, commitment and hard work but also how it affects our soul. It breeds confidence, courage, empowers our soul, strengthens our spirit. We fail, we learn, we grow, we become better with each achievement (even if there is not trophy). It is becoming the best YOU, meeting and connecting with others who share the same goals, have the same passion and are on a similar  journey, and inspiring others along the way. 

Bodybuilding has given me so much, it is my time to give back

Dream Big

Stay Inspired 

Train Hard 

Love Deeply